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Is your car fit for the summer and your holiday trip?

Safe Holidays

A professional car summer check Barry at The A2B Tyre Shop ensures that your vehicle is optimally prepared for the challenges of the warm season. Enjoy the anticipation of summer, sun and holidays and play it safe with a summer service! In summer, heat and long holiday trips put additional strain on your car and often lead to unpleasant surprises on the way to your well-deserved holidays. Therefore, have the professionals at the A2B Tyre Shop check the condition of the tyres. We will check all safety-relevant parts and systems and check the fluid levels in advance during a summer car check Barry. The summer check reveals any damage in good time and thus prevents expensive repairs. Treat yourself and your car to a summer service - for a safe start to your holiday.

Good reasons for a summer service

When you go on holiday, you use your car for longer distances and times than usual. In addition, higher temperatures, stop-and-go in traffic jams and extra weight due to luggage mean hard work for your car. It is not uncommon for a vehicle to break down on a holiday trip. This not only spoils your holiday enjoyment but also costs you time, nerves and money and can quickly become a danger for you and others in heavy traffic. With a summer service in our A2B Tyre Shop workshop, you can be sure that your car will be professionally checked and optimally maintained to start the summer. Our automotive professionals usually check the condition of the tyres and the function of the wheel suspension, check the electrics and lighting, brake and exhaust system, check the fluid levels, the air conditioning and the wiper system. This way, you can be sure that possible defects and risks will be detected and professionally eliminated directly on-site in consultation with you. Invest in your safety and take advantage of one of the many favourable summer services Barry we offer.

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