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According to the EU laws, it is compulsory to label vehicle tyres before selling them. Tyre labels offer essential information about tyres to vehicle owners. The EU tyre label was updated recently on 1st May 2021, through which some minor alterations have been made. As per this update, bus and truck tyres will also have tyre labels.

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Understanding EU Tyre Label

EU tyre labels provide crucial data about these parameters:

Wet Grip Wet grip rating of a tyre allows you to understand how long a tyre will take to come to a complete halt after applying brakes. As per the latest updates, the wet grip rating of a tyre ranges from class A to class E. Classes F and G have been combined with E. Models with an ‘A’ rating have the shortest braking distance. That is, it will need the least time and distance to come to a halt.

Fuel Efficiency

This parameter is crucial to understanding the rolling resistance of a tyre. There are five classes of tyres based on fuel efficiency: classes A, B, C, D and E. Models with lower resistance will have high fuel efficiency and vice versa. Tyres with an ‘E’ rating will have the lowest fuel efficiency, while ‘A’-rated tyres will have the highest fuel efficiency.

Noise Emission

Tyres are also classified into different categories based on the noise they produce. A tyre with an ‘A’ rating will generate the least noise. As per updates, all tyre labels will now include the magnitude of noise a tyre generates in decibels.

Other Inclusions

Going forward, updated tyre labels will also include these symbols:

3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake Badge

The updated tyre labels will also include a new ‘3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake’ badge. This will signify whether you can use a tyre for driving on icy tracks.

QR Code

You will also find a QR code attached with an EU tyre label. You will be able to access crucial details regarding a tyre by scanning this on your phone or tablet.

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