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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?

The correct tyre pressure plays a vital role in a vehicle’s functionality and performance. It also determines your and other road-users safety. Therefore, you should always make sure you don’t drive with under- or over-inflated tyres. We suggest you head over to us - The A2B Tyre Shop, for regular tyre pressure checks.

Who Are We, and How Can We Help?

We, The A2B Tyre Shop, are a reliable garage in Barry. We have gained the necessary experience and expertise to offer a variety of vehicular services primarily related to tyres. Moreover, our free tyre pressure check Barry is much sought-after by our customers.

So, put a pause to your search for “tyre pressure check near me” and consider visiting our facility.

What is the Importance of Correct Tyre Pressure?

The correct tyre pressure optimises your car’s performance in several ways. Highlighted below are some of them:

Increased Tyre Life

Both under- and overinflated tyres hinder the necessary tyre-to-road contact, thereby making it vulnerable to damages and abrasions. Accurate tyre pressure eliminates such obstructions and increases a tyre’s longevity.

Optimised Fuel Economy

Tyres with improper pressure put additional strain on a vehicle’s engine. Therefore, the engine requires additional fuel to sustain its functionality. As a result, it leads to a considerable drop in your car’s fuel economy. In fact, when tyres are underinflated by about 14 PSI (1 bar), they have an increased rolling resistance, thus surging the fuel consumption by 5%.

Enhanced Handling

Precise tyre pressure improves an automobile’s grip, braking and steering abilities. Further, under-inflated tyres result in an increase in stopping distance. This increase can be as much as 8 meters for light commercial vehicles and passenger cars in regular weather conditions.

What Causes Tyre Pressure Loss?

All tyres experience a loss in pressure over the course of time. This loss generally equates to 1-3 PSI in a month. Although this amount may not seem much, however, such minute loss can have significant repercussions when combined with other factors, such as:

  • Micro cracks in a tyre’s inner layer
  • Decrease in the ambient temperature during winters
  • Issues in the tyre rims, such as bends, cracks, scratches or rust
  • Malfunctioning TPMS valve

Moreover, car owners fall for the misconception that vehicles with a built-in TPMS do not require manual tyre pressure checks. However, TPMS can often malfunction and display inaccurate readings.

Hence, we recommend you to opt for routine free tyre pressure checks Barry at our workshop every two to four weeks. No appointment needed.

So, why don’t you head over to our facility sometime?

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