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Please make sure you buy the correct size. Installing car tyres of appropriate size is crucial for your safety. You must follow the tyre size provided by your car's manufacturer when you buy new tyres.

Determining the correct tyre size for a car tyre is challenging for many.

This is due to the combination of letters, numbers and the mixed units of measurement millimetres, inches and per cent that must be taken into account.

We show you which of these are essential for you as a motorist and explain the meaning of the values. You can read off your current tyre size on the tyre or use the tyre size in the vehicle registration document as a guide.

For the tyre size, six values are relevant. By the way: When a tyre dealer talks about tyre dimensions, he means exactly these specifications.

Here is an example:

225/45 R17 W

1. Tyre width

As the name suggests, this is the width of the tyre. It is measured from sidewall to sidewall in millimetres (in the above example, it is 225 millimetres). Apart from the sporty look, wider tyres offer better grip (hold) on the road. Narrower tyres, on the other hand, consume less fuel.

2. Aspect ratio

The tyre aspect ratio is the ratio between the sidewall height and the width of the tread. 45 means that the sidewall height is 45% of the tread width. The lower the number, the sportier the tyre looks.

However, tyre sizes with a low aspect ratio also have a disadvantage: they do not absorb bumps that well, so they come at the expense of driving comfort.

3 Tyre construction

The tyre construction type tells us something about the tyre's inner structure - i.e. the construction method. This is essentially the direction of the steel or nylon cord plies of the carcass, which are responsible for the stability/flexibility of the tyre. The letter R means Radial construction. The letter B means diagonal construction.

Radial tyres are used for almost all standard passenger cars.

On the other hand, B tyres (and their undesirable characteristics in passenger cars) are used in classic cars, off-road vehicles, and construction vehicles.

4. Rim diameter

The diameter of the rim is given in inches. In the example above, the rim diameter is 17 inches. Regardless of visual preference, small rims and correspondingly small tyre size will give better acceleration values, while large tyres will provide higher top speeds.

5. Load capacity index (load index)

This value tells how many kilograms a tyre can carry.

6. Speed index (SI)

The speed index indicates the maximum speed at which a tyre may be driven. In the example above, the value "W" means 168 mph.

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