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Continental Tyres

Continental, also known as Continental AG is a German multinational tyre manufacturing company, dedicated to develop superior quality tyres for several vehicle segments, such as cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Established in 1871, the brand invests heavily in developing pioneering services and technologies with the primary motive to improve mobility solutions.

If you wish to buy Continental tyres Barry, we, The A2B Tyre Shop, offer you the entire range of its superior products.

Order Continental tyres online from us and enjoy the very best set for your drives. Else, you can come to see us directly, and our experts will help you choose the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle.

Discussed below are some of the top models at our garage. Please take a look.

Summer Continental tyres Barry

  • EcoContact 6Q

Summer tyres from Continental are renowned for their noiseless drives. The EcoContact 6Q has an upgraded pattern for reduced sound emissions and fuel consumption. The tyre is also designed in such a manner that it reduces carbon dioxide emissions significantly.

Winter Continental tyres Barry

  • Winter Contact TS 870 P

You can tackle the wintery conditions with this supreme offering from the winter range of Continental. The sipe and tread pattern offers you perfect handling on snow and ice, thanks to the intelligent design.

CoolChilli Compound Tech is responsible for the excellent wet performance of the tyres. You can easily benefit from the high mileage and low rolling resistance offered by these tyres.

All-season Continental tyres Barry

  • AllSeasonContact

All-year-round control - the AllSeason Contact guarantees just that for those who choose this premium tyre. It has open shoulders for good aquaplaning resistance and a stiff pattern that gives you complete control no matter the different tarmacs.

In addition to these, you will also find the following Continental tyres at our garage:

4x4 tyres: ContiCrossContact AT

Performance tyres: PremiumContact 6

Run-flat tyres: ContiSportContact 3 E SSR

Choose to buy Continental car tyres Barry from us today and end your search for “tyres near me”.

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