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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Experts suggest a wheel balancing check should be carried out every six months or at least every time you change a car’s tyres. Because other than accelerated fuel consumption, unbalanced wheels can also cause other issues. Some of the problems caused by unbalanced wheels are:

  • Faster tread wear.
  • Difficulty in steering the vehicle.
  • Compromised acceleration.
  • Vibrating steering wheel.
  • Strange noises while driving.

You can easily avoid these issues if you get your vehicle checked regularly by an expert like The A2B Tyre Shop, the trusted wheel balancing garage Barry. At The A2B Tyre Shop, our technicians use advanced wheel balancing technology to provide the most accurate and precise service.

What is Wheel Balancing?

Wheel balancing ensures that the weight distribution across your vehicle’s wheel and tyre assemblies is uniform, such that the wheels rotate smoothly without any odd vibrations. There are different processes of wheel balancing that can be performed based on the requirement.

However, there are certain things that you can avoid to ensure your vehicle’s wheels do not get unbalanced frequently. But there are also certain causes that one cannot prevent, and under such circumstances, a routine car wheel balancing Barry can save your car tyres from wearing out quickly.

A typical sign of an imbalance is, for example, a "fluttering" steering wheel, which is accompanied by a decrease in driving comfort. Especially at speeds between 50 and 700 mph, the imbalance is also noticeable through a continuous vibration of the vehicle. At high speeds, even very small imbalances on the tyres have a strong effect on the driving behaviour due to the resulting centrifugal forces. An imbalance of about 10 grams causes a centrifugal force equivalent to a weight of 2.5 kg at a speed of around 60 mph. Uncontrolled steering movements and an uneven load on the chassis bearing components can be the consequences.

Apart from regular wheel balancing Barry, we also recommend you to avoid driving over bumps, through potholes etc., at high speed. Also, keep a check on your tyre pressure.

In case you notice any symptoms of unbalanced wheels, our experts are here to help you. Do not take the early signs of unbalanced wheels easy. It can damage other parts of your vehicle if you keep driving the car.

But do not worry, as you have already found the ideal answer for your "wheel balancing garage near me" searches.

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