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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

It is crucial to opt for a professional car winter check before the onset of the winter months.

The A2B Tyre Shop is a preferred destination for motorists when it comes to winter car checks Barry. Our highly skilled experts always deliver reliable and affordable services, using advanced equipment and the best products.

Services Included in Our Winter Car Check:

Inspection of Tyres

There is a change in road conditions during winters. Surfaces become wet and icy. Snowfall can also cause severe disruptions. Hence, it is vital to ensure that the tyres of your vehicle are adept at tackling those challenging conditions.

Our team will thoroughly measure the tread depth, look for any damage, and make sure the air pressure of the tyres is correct. In case we find any faults, our experts will show you and advise you to change your tyres.

Battery Testing

Car battery issues are very common, especially during the winter months. So, make sure, you get your car’s battery checked on time. Bring your vehicle to us, and we will have a good look at it. We will measure the voltage and its starting-abilities. In case your car’s battery does no longer provide sufficient power, we can certainly help you – no matter what kind of car you drive.

Top-ups of Antifreeze and Coolant

Engine-related breakdowns are often related to a faulty cooling system of the vehicle. Our expert technicians will make sure your vehicle’s cooling system is in optimal condition.

If the water in your vehicle's radiator gets frozen, there is a possibility that it expands and splits the engine pipes. In order to prevent such unwanted issues, antifreeze is added to the water. We check the antifreeze and refill it if necessary.

Inspecting the Oil Level

There is a possibility for major engine issues if the engine oil level is inadequate. Sometimes, for the smooth running of the vehicle, the engine oil needs to be of a thinner consistency in winter. We inspect all the vital aspects of the engine oil system and let you know if an oil change (winter variant) is necessary.

Assessing the Lights

Winter months are characterised by fog and low levels of natural light. Therefore, you must make sure all your lights are working correctly. The best way to do so is a winter check Barry.

Apart from the above-mentioned check points, we also inspect your vehicle’s wiper blades, screen wash (including top-up), air condition and a few other points, depending on the age and type of vehicle you drive.

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